Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. If you want to stay in touch while you travel, you need to be prepared.

China's "Great Firewall" censors quite a bit of the internet but thankfully it's not that difficult to solve this problem. All it takes is a little preparation and often a small piece of software called a "VPN"

There are certainly free ways to access Facebook in China but they are sometimes difficult to set up and often comes laced with malware or tons of advertisements. The best route (and the one most expats in China take) is to just pay a few dollars for a VPN that will allow you to get on Facebook from within China.

Most of the VPNs that are listed below can be set up in less than 10 minutes. If you're only traveling to China for a short trip you can just get a month's worth of service but if you're moving out here you can save the most by just purchasing an annual plan.

So check out the VPN options below and see which one works best for you to make sure that you can access Facebook while you're traveling or living in China. You'll be glad you did!

VPN Recommndations


VyprVPN has been an increasingly popular option here in China thanks to its simple software and low price. VyprVPN offers a number of servers all across the globe, all of which will give you access to Facebook while you're in China. Best of all, they give you a free 3-day trial. Try VyprVPN for Free


PureVPN is another excellent VPN that is used by over a million people all over the world. Not only do they allow you log on to Facebook from China, they are also a particularly good option if you want to stream content like Netflix, Hulu or Pandora while in China as well. Give PureVPN a try!


Last but not least, ExpressVPN offers a great user experience because of its ease of use. If you don't consider yourself "tech-savvy", ExpressVPN might be the best option for you. It's one of the easiest VPNs to set up and use to access Facebook in China. Try ExpressVPN for yourself!

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There is plenty of information all over the web about VPNs in China but you need to be careful what you trust. VPNs are a cut throat business! If you're wanting to do more research before you purchase a VPN that will allow you to access Facebook in China, here are a few that we recommend you read:

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